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By adopting the principles of Integrated Management Systems (IMS) all duplication of effort is removed and holistic risk and consideration is achieved.  An IMS enables you to streamline the compliance and risk control effort for  all your business considerations including the Quality of your Product / Services and your OH&S and Environmental obligations.

Your IMS can be built from scratch or we can build on your existing system to improve. Whether you are seeking certification or merely seeking to improve your business performance outcomes.

All IMS Development Projects incorporate Training and Implementation assistance and is conducted with a blend of on-site and off-site phases.   Administrative Service is also offered  to assist with system standardisation and modernisation phases.

All IMS Development Projects are preceded by a complementary 1/2 day visit to your site to determine your system status and business focus and priorities, this enables the preparation of mutually agreed Project Plan and Schedule.

Audit Services are available for :

Compliance and Due Diligence (International Standards and Legal)
Preliminary (Desktop Gap Analysis)
Internal (Implementation)
Second Party ( Suppliers and Company Acquisition)

Depending on the complexity of the Audit Scope, an Audit Services can be tailored to suit your needs ranging from 1/2 – 2 days on-site per system depending on the complexity of your operation.

System Coordinator Services can be a blend of or all the services listed below, depending on your organisations strengths and weaknesses.  They can be performed both on-site, off-site or as tailored to your needs.

    • Document Control  –  Internal and External
    • Preventive & Corrective Actions –  Facilitate, Coordinate & Train
    • Risk Assessments – Quality, WHS and Environmental
    • Certification Coordination – Source and coordinate Third Party Accreditation
    • System Performance Review – Statistical Analysis of IMS Performance with recommendations for improvement.

System Coordinator Services are tailored to your resourcing needs and skill base, with the primary focus being to enable you to become self sufficient.  The service is usually delivered anywhere from 2 days/week through to 1 day / month.

To compliment your Integrated Management System, the following specialised project services are offered:

    • Project Support – Be it Quotes/Tender preparation or Project Support we can tailor services to support your critical Projects
    • Information Technology – Scope, Procure & Coordinate Implementation
    • Environmental Management Research – Investigation for improved Methodology and Technology
    • Improvement Research & Development – Science and Engineering
    • Funding Applications – Applications and Reporting

Specialist Projects are conducted against a mutually agreed Project Scope and Schedule and are offered either in Project Management or Team Member formats.

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