Influenza Season

The past decade has seen the rapid spread, both Internationally and within Australia, of new and changed strains of Viral Influenza’s.  Some are transmissible between human to human, some are now transmissible from animals to humans and back, some are mutating.  Even if you do Vaccinate against Influenza, which I do, we cannot vaccinate against the new and varied strains.

Today I sit here, isolated in my home office, with a Cold / Flu – feeling fatigued (my arms feels like 3 bags of oranges on each), I ache all over, I am sneezing constantly and my nose won’t stop running.   I’ve been like this since Saturday with Tuesday (today), I’ve had the shivers on and off but today is the worst I have felt so far, I am optimistic that it is breaking. As a carer for my 100yo Grandfather, I do have the Flu Shot, but how can I prevent catching this in the first place and prevent spreading to it to my community??

What is the Newave Systemation Program for the Control of Contagious Diseases?  I look to the experts for advice, the Department of Health Australia to develop our own Policy

Australian Influenza Surveillance Report and Activity Updates

Transmission of respiratory diseases and managing the risk

The Flu and You Brochure

Newave Systemation
Control of Air Borne Contagious Diseases – Cold / Flu / Gastro

  1. Encourage
    • Boost Immune System Naturally
    • Flu Vaccinations for all, most importantly the First Aiders (along with vaccination for Blood Borne diseases)
    • All people and workplaces to have their own Control of Contagious Diseases Policy
  2. During Flu Season:
    • Continue Personal Hygiene Measures
    • When Desk Hot Swapping, wipe keyboards / desktop with Antibacterial Wipe
  3. When Other’s Are Sick
    • Avoid working with people who have Influenza or other Air Borne Contagious Diseases
    • If you have to work with sick people stay >= 1m away from them
    • Always wash your hands after working with sick people
  4. If We are Sick Ourselves
    • Continue to cover your mouth when you cough / sneeze and use recycled disposable tissues.
    • Look after yourself or ask someone to and see a Doctor if symptoms become Severe
    • Cease attending Work if either a Fever or if >= 3 Influenza Symptoms present
    • Recommence Work
      • 48 hours after a Fever has subsided (or a Gastro event), or;
      • 24 hours after Symptoms have subsided, or;
      • As advised by your Doctor.
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